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Certificate in Cyan bacterial Fertilizers
-Considering the increasing cost of chemical fertilizers, a demand has been increased towards the use of organic measures along with nitrogenous fertilizers to increase the soil fertility better known as bio-fertilizer, “microbial preparations”.  These fertilizers accelerate the process of mineralization and thus indirectly increase soil fertility. The IARI, New Delhi has developed this technique of mass production of nitrogen fixing cyan bacteria. This course has both theory and practical contents.

Career Opportunities-This course offers the students in different agriculture institutions as trainers, researchers etc. This course also offers an avenue for self-employment.


Certificate in Spirulina Production-Although the growth of population in developing countries has reached to an alarming level but it is estimated that nearly 25000 people die due to starvation every day. The human food supply calls for expending the nutrition value.
Spirulina better known for its high protein content is also found to be an anti cancer, anti –oxidant agent prevents retina damages and corrects the pre menstrual syndromes.
The production of Spirulina opens an avenue for increasing food supplies.

Career Opportunities-This course offers an avenue for self-employment as well as commercial use and supply in food industry. Students taking training for this course can be observed in public and private sectors.

Certificate in Cosmetic Production-The need of the hour is Beauty consciousness. Men & women all are craving for good looks and attractive appearance. The beauty products are luxurious and expensive. International market also supplies cosmetics with high prices, which are beyond common men’s reach. This course offers an opportunity to students to learn production of cosmetics skillfully and further its use at commercial level.

Career Opportunities-In the field of beauty culture and cosmetic production students can independently work and earn money. Even the marketing of beauty products from less expensive resources makes them financially secure.

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